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                                                                                                  JOIN THE JOURNEY!
    Be a part of 'Creative Journey Studios' and 'Filigree & More' this Spring! We have lots of things happening on our class schedule and in the gallery.  
    Some of your favorite people are coming to teach and we hope you come join us for our inspiring mini-retreats.  This is the link to the ‘home page’ of
    our blog: or you can go directly to the ‘upcoming classes’ page first: http://www.creativejourneyart.  You are welcome to call (404-314-5767) to talk about classes or products.  Of course, we are always eager for
    you to come in and visit, too!  Be sure to like our 'Creative Journey Studios' Facebook page and leave us an occasional comment!  The gallery has had a
    thorough spring cleaning and restocking, so there is cause for a visit (besides having lunch at Aqua Terra!) 'Filigree & More' is expanding, too.  We have
    many new products to tempt you.

    We are so ready for Spring to really be here.  We have been getting teases and freezes, but the end of winter is in sight.

    We are getting excited to see Sarah Shriver, too. She is coming from Friday, April 4th thru Sunday, April 6th for two fun workshops.  On Friday, she is
    teaching her iconic fish bone cane and more importantly, you will see how you can reduce graphic images into manageable 'bites' to make your own

    These techniques will carry you forward into the realm of complex caning so you can make other representational canes with ease.  With your new
    found skills you will make a wonderful bracelet using finishing ideas suggested by Sarah.   You can include borders, spirals and other graphic elements.

    During the two day class (Saturday and Sunday) Sarah will show you how to make a wonderful kaleidoscoped, interlocking patterned cane with her
    signature Celtic flair.  Sarah has a unique way of using skinner blends and inclusions to create abstract canes that she builds into graceful patterns.  You
    will learn valuable bead construction techniques and finishing techniques that will raise your skill level to a new plateau.  A phone call and a credit card
    can secure your place for the weekend.  You don't want to miss the fun!

    We have the teacher’s work on display in the gallery so you can get a feel for what the class will be.  You can find the complete class descriptions on
    the blog.  When the class time is close, we will send the students the supply list and will try to have hard to find supplies available in the store.

    Come and celebrate the excitement of spring with us!
    Sue and Ellen

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