Jeffrey Lloyd Dever

Thinking Outside the BoxImaginative Hollowware Vessels

There’s a wide array of forms and shapes that can be created as imaginative vessels, from traditional boxes to free-form sculptural pieces. In this three day class at CJS, we will design and build hollowware vessels, fashioned over original forms of your own creation.

Jeff will teach you to use multi-cycle curing and layer-building techniques to construct various vessels with lids. Surface ornamentation and finishing will be discussed as time allows.

The original class is scheduled for Wed. to Friday, April 22-24 from 10 AM to 5 PM each day. The fee is $395 with a small supply fee to be paid directly to Jeff (for oddments he will bring!) We have added a second class for Sunday to Tuesday, April 26-28.

Note: This class requires a good, solid working knowledge of polymer clay and so, is an advanced class.

Obviously this is an old post and the class didn’t happen, due to Covid. We hope to reschedule Jeff in the future so watch the blog and our facebook page. Just don’t see April 22 and get excited and call to register…. this was April 2020. Bummer!

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