The Gallery showcases over seventy artists who work primarily with polymer clay. They come from all over the United States, and many are international superstars, hailing from places like Spain, Croatia, England, Scotland, Germany, France and even Thailand. Many of our artists also teach for us, sharing their signature techniques. A visit to the gallery provides inspiration as well as an opportunity to add a unique one of a kind piece of art to your collection.

Our retrospective collection, “Polymer from the Beginning”, is also a great source of inspiration. One can follow trends and see when technique discoveries, like the Skinner Blend, changed the trajectory of work. Many pieces were published or were acquired by museums, indicating their importance. The author of an early German book on polymer that predates “The New Clay” donated pieces illustrated in the book to the collection. One can follow a single artist and see how their work changed over the course of their career. One can be inspired by an old forgotten technique that can be revisited and enhanced. Time spent viewing the collection is time well spent.

Enjoy this featured work of Libby West Mills!IMG_1181