Filigree & More

Filigree & More, the supply side of Creative Journey Studios, is your store for everything you need to bring all your ideas to life. What started as a supplier of American made, raw brass filigree has developed into a source for polymer clay and essential tools. Clay is handled and stored correctly. Tools are researched both for price and quality. Products are studied and tested for compatibility with polymer clay. We sell what we think are good products and we price them fairly. We are always happy to talk about what we carry and help you make an informed decision.

We search out unique products to use in our art and then share them through the store. Sometimes we repurpose products that we think work with polymer clay, even when that wasn’t their original purpose. Medical grade blades and scalpels, dental brushes, and acupuncture needles have been added to inventory. In some instances we put together products, like our sanding kits. We actually manufacture some products, like our line of long and double silk screens. Our most recent additions to our supplies are numerous Cernit products, especially clay. Our inventory is thoughtfully planned with the polymer artist in mind.