Dr. Ron—The Doctor will be in!

Ron Lehocky, the “Heart Doctor”, is coming for a visit September 14 to the 16th, and will perform CPR sessions (Clay Play with Ron) for your fun and edification. He will offer free demos (from noon to 2 and from 4 to 6 on Fri and Sat; noon to 2 on Sunday) on a variety of techniques, tools and bench skills that may help you revitalize your polymer clay interest or inspire you to start creating with polymer clay. He will demo his signature spirals, the easy-peasy extruder cane, his bezel cut and working with KorTools.

While the demos are free, we hope you will support his charity with the purchase of a few of his hearts. He’ll have his bins of goodies with him. It is also an opportunity to stock up on clay, paints, new silk screens, new templates (Ellen’s designs!), KorTools, and all the other goodies we have been putting out.

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