Lindly Haunani, Queen of Color!

Lindly is debuting a new color workshop inspired by Modern Quilts called “Telling Your Color Story: Harmonious Color Schemes. Creative Journey Studios will be rockin’ color this weekend (Fri – Sunday) as Lindly teaches us a series of veneers that will serve as fabric for our polymer quilts. Below is an example of a Half Square quilt with faux shibori.


It makes me want to snuggle under my quilt in front of the fireplace (that assumes that I crank up the air conditioning!) I have always considered myself more of a fabric collector than a quilter but I think I’ll be okay!

Join us for her trunk show on Thursday night from 6 to 8pm. She’ll have some new work, including wonderful new “shale” earrings fresh out of the oven. We’ve been working in the studio when we are not celebrating birthdays and eating cake! There are still a few “gelato” pieces and even a few asparagus necklaces and earrings. Don’t miss the opportunity to talk color with the lady that wrote THE book on color!

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