Ellen has been a busy girl, lining up teachers and amazing classes all the way into 2021. The schedule is wonderful as you will see as you read forward. Classes fill almost as fast as they are announced. Sometimes we are able to talk the teachers into doing a second, mid-week session when the class gets waitlisted. I guess what I am trying to tell you is that if you are interested in something, don’t drag your feet and miss-out!

We just had a wonderful class making half-square quilts with “polymer fabric” with Lindly Haunani. Next up is a weekend of free demos with Ron Lehocky. We hope you will come in and buy a few hearts, stock up on supplies, have a new necklace or earrings from one of our other seventy five artists and for some of you, experience the new Creative Journey Studios for the first time. It will be fun to watch Ron work as he moves toward his 43,000th heart. This is not a hands on class but there will be lots of information to glean. Demos are from 12 to 2 and 4 to 6 on Friday and Saturday, and 12 to 2 on Sunday.


This is the 2018 schedule. Call 404-314-5767 to register or for more information.

Ellen Prophater January 19-21January 26-28 $300 Silkscreen and More
Claire Maunsell February 9-11 $375 Surfaces
Bettina Welker April 14-16 $375 Closures
Ellen Prophater June 22-24 $300 Design
Julie Picarello July 13-15 $350 Tube Bails, Imprint Mokume, Feather Beads, Faded Tapestry
Lynda Gilcher August 3-5 $350 Extruder Magic
Lindly Haunani September 7-9 $350 Your Color Story, Harmonious Color Schemes
Carol Blackburn October 12-14 $375 Missoni  and Other Veneers, Boxes
Donna Greenberg November 9-11 $350 Reefer Madness
Jana Roberts Benzon December 7-9 $360 Murmurations,  Still Life

And here is a peek at 2019!

Ellen Prophater January 18-20 $300
Kathleen Dustin March 8-10

March 12-14

$395 Purses
Bonnie Bishoff March 25-27

March 29-31

$375 Using Armatures in Jewelry
Doreen Kassel April 12-14 $350 The Rainbow Coalition Workshop: Beads, Pods and Jiggly, Jointed Dolls
Christi Friesen May 3-5 $350 Scratch, Crackle & Pop:A Mosaic Exploration
Sarah Shriver May 31 – June 2 $360
Celine Charuau June 24-26


June 28-30

$375 Ombré Effect with Wire
Julie Eakes July 26-28 $350 Concave Bracelet Construction with Caning
Lindly Haunani August 30- September 1


September 6-8

$350 Color Inspiration: Disappearing Nine Patch Quilting Study
Ellen Prophater October4-6


October 11-13

Loretta Lam November 1-3 $360 Design


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