Celine Charuau

We have been following Celine (you may know her as GrisBleu from her blog) for years. We leapt at a chance to take a class from her at the Synergy conference last year in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and we weren’t disappointed. We asked her then and there to create a class for Creative Journey. It’s finally coming up….actually two sessions! June 24-26 (Monday to Wednesday) and June 28-30 (Friday to Sunday) from 10 AM to 5 PM, we will present Celine’s Ombré Effect with wire. Celine uses her ombre effect, which is her version of a mokume gane, in a variety of ways, making earrings, petals for necklaces, surfaces for beads, all to be combined with her metal work that is so distinctive. We are fortunate to have quite a bit of work from Celine in the gallery so you can see a preview of what she does. Don’t let an opportunity to learn from this French superstar pass you by.

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