Hey! Remember us?!

It has been a crazy year, sitting in the safety of home and running the business remotely. We are trying (now that we have been vaccinated) to re-open the business, albeit with reduced hours and mask restrictions. We are busy getting our inventory levels back up and ordering new products we hope you’ll love. We have started carrying Cernit clay and some of their other products.

Cernit Metallics

We have added some new colors to the Souffle and Premo shelves. We’re trying to figure out what we need to order to get back to Pre-Covid levels. Yesterday we spent the day, contemplating KorTools and Moiko silkscreens. Being polymer artists (well, at least Ellen!), we feel we have a pretty good handle on what polymer newbies and experienced users want and need. We hope we can be your one stop shop. We’re always happy to discuss products with you and help you pick the best product for your needs.

In the meantime, we are happy to fill orders that we can ship or that you can pick up. We can even arrange a visit to shop.

Ellen is busy planning workshops for next year, assuming European travel opens up. Most of our teachers come from a distance, so it is a challenge. We have tentatively scheduled Donna Greenberg, Bonnie Bishoff, Laura Tabakman, Julie Picarello, Celine Charuau, Leslie Blackford and Lindly Haunani. Obviously, as soon as we confirm dates and topics, I will be posting it here! Ellen will also be setting up a couple of her workshops and individual classes. During the last year, we’ve been keeping up with polymer innovations and techniques, and developing a few of our own. We’ve been missing the hum of a full classroom and excited customers!

Welcome to Creative Journey Studios! We’ve missed you!

Here is the tentative list so far. I’m sure there will be changes and additions. .

*Ellen Prophater – February 2022 – 3 day workshop.  Mokume Gane – a polymer exploration
*Donna Greenberg – March 2022 – 5 day workshop.  Working with polymer and paint
*Ellen Prophater – April 2022 – 3 day workshop.  TBD
*Bonnie Bishoff – June 2022 – 5 day workshop.  Designing custom necklaces with polymer and metal work
*Julie Picarello – July 2022 – 3 day workshop.  A new look at polymer and Mokume Gane
*Leslie Blackford – August 2022 – 3 day workshop.  Polymer nightlights and boxes
*Lynda Gilcher – August 2022 – 3 day workshop.  New ways to use your extruder with polymer canes
*Lindly Haunani – September 2022 – 3 day workshop.  New ideas in color studies using polymer
*Laura Tabakman – September 2022 – 5 day workshop.  Creating in larger scale, with an eye toward polymer installations
*Ellen Prophater – October 2022 – 3 day workshop.  TBD
*Celine Charuau – November 2022 – 3 day workshop.  A new look at combining polymer surfaces with wood and metal

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