Doreen Kassel

We are bringing Doreen Kassel to Creative Journey Studios to teach an amazing weekend(April 12-14) of fun. The Rainbow Coalition Workshop is a gang of three classes tied together by their use of color, sculpting and attention to graceful design.


Big Beads: Make big, bold sculptural beads, explore sensuous color combinations using luscious and luminous painting technique. We’ll use oil paints and an undercoat, with a nod to old masters under-glazing.


Pods, Plants and Color: We’ll make elegant, graceful pods and plants that can be attached to stems and displayed in vases or used as components for brooches, necklaces and earrings. These pieces will be painted in vibrant, lustrous oils, with an undercoat that enlivens the colors.


Jiggly, Jointed Dolls: Create adorable whimsical characters with jointed arms and legs that you’ll love to display sitting, swinging or just hanging around. We’ll build the basic body shapes using Premo white polymer clay, pressed cotton balls and some soft fun wire. We’ll use easy techniques for working with oil paints that will bring our jointed friends to life.

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