Sculptures, Wall Pieces and Small Installations — with Laura Tabakman

This class will be about sculpture, wall pieces and the exploration of small installations. We’ll be creating in larger scale, with an eye toward small polymer installations. Tapping into Laura’s years of experience, you will learn to think about taking ownership of space using polymer clay. Laura was one of the movers and shakers of “Into the Forest”, a very successful traveling show that drew from the community to create a multi room display of polymer art.

In this 5-day mixed-media class (Oct 12th to the 17th, 2022 –$650) we will create three-dimensional polymer clay elements to incorporate into sculptures, wall pieces and installations. We’ll talk about materials, including recycled ones, use of space, visual and physical balance, and movement. What’s the idea: planning versus organic development. We’ll analyze samples and see how different artists create their work.

We’ll talk about how to develop a system, and how by doing that, the same elements can be used in different configurations, at different scales, with different materials, to create jewelry, wall pieces, sculpture, or small installations. There will be something for everybody!

Students will learn how to make translucent-based canes, add to their sculpting and liquid clay techniques, and how to incorporate wire. The last step will take us through different approaches to assemble the polymer and wire elements and combine them with the support materials.

You may not think you want to work in large scale and fill a whole room with pods, but who is to say your work can’t become a spectacular necklace. You will have the skills….thanks to Laura! Besides, Laura is a great teacher and we are bound to have a fun week, picking her brain, and expanding our outlook!

If this seems like it is calling you, call us at Creative Journey Studios at 404-314-5767 and get on the list!

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