Judy Belcher — In Memorium

We are sure that by now you have heard of Judy’s passing. We are sad beyond measure that cancer has stolen another of our friends. We ache for Maria and Maxwell, who did their utmost to care for their mom. They were courageous and loving, and went above and beyond in their care of her.

We would like to remember Judy in happier times. She was one of our first polymer teachers, being one of the instructors at our first Fandango in Florida. Through the years our paths crossed at Synergies, Cabin Fever, Clay Carnival, Mammoth Cave, Orkney Springs, the symposiums at the Racine Museum of Art and Carthage College, and at visits to Creative Journey Studios. We considered Judy a mentor and a supportive friend.

It’s nice to see some of her polymer work in the Retrospective Collection. My favorite —-a piece she called a ‘butt reducer’. She made her pendant around a magnifying glass that she insisted had to be used backwards so things appeared smaller. I thought it was brilliant! I think she ‘nailed it’!

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