Sarah Shriver — 3-D Polymer Pods and Handcrafted Chains

Yes, we are dipping into the metal smithing pond! (The water’s fine!) The class will focus on making bespoke chain and constructing lightweight uplifting pod-like pendants or earrings with simple and achievable torch techniques. Using bronze, copper, or silver wire, we will use a micro torch to ball wire, solder links and construct cool 3-D armatures. We’ll then work with translucent and specialty clays to create sumptuous “skins” to wrap around our pieces. Your color choices can be deep or glittery or frosty, or all three at once…..lots to experiment with. And of course, with Sarah you know we will have a fun time!

Sarah has been experimenting with making chain for a while now (in fact, we have an early prototype in our collection!) She started making wire and polymer mobiles which have been exceedingly popular. Now she has switched gears and created three dimensional ombre pods that have the same feel as her wonderful mobiles. The technique lends itself to fabulous pod earrings and big chunky beaded necklaces.

Sarah will round out our year with this three day class (November 11-13, 2022 –$390) A $100 deposit, as well as proof of vaccination/boosters will be collected as you sign up. This class will fill up fast and sadly, we can only run one session, as she has commitments at home. Give me a call at 404-314-5767 and get your spot!

And finally, just to make you drool, here is a fun pile of MidCentury Modern Pieces destined to be a mobile. This is to show the possibilities of these fun techniques.

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