All Dressed Up with No Place to Go

In the midst of all this Covid-craziness and while we have been closed, we got a new sign from Crabapple Market….so you could find us, if we were there! Ellen and I have been staying at home for the last eight weeks. Randy has been taking care of the store, watering the orchids and cleaning, as well as taking pictures and planning for online sales. Sadly, we have pulled down all our classes for the foreseeable future. We are in the process of refunding all the class deposits, contacting everyone for a mailing address. We have mailed out the commissions from the first quarter and the unidirectional flow of money continues, as we pay the rent and utilities. We are trying to look on the bright side of things, hoping all our customers and students are staying safe, washing their hands, wearing their masks if they really need to go out and being sensible in their day to day life. Look for new class listings later in the summer. If you have been quarantined and are interested, Ellen will be willing to offer small classes (five people properly spaced for safety). This will start up in July and former students will have priority. We can be reached at 404-314-5767. We are on Facebook, as well, so keep in touch and if there is anything we can do for you, get in touch and we will find a solution. We use regional priority mail boxes to mail to save you as much on shipping as is possible. Randy is at the store Tuesdays and Saturdays for safe (masked! and sanitized) shopping, and he is happy to deliver directly to your car. Stay safe and keep in touch!

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