Sending Love to Lindly

UPDATE: Lindly has been working hard and is doing remarkably well. She’s back at her apartment and has been enjoying a plethora of artistic projects. It’s been especially hard in these crazy isolated covid times. She has started walking around her neighborhood, going as far as the co-op market and buying some stuffed grape leaves! That includes navigating three flights of stairs(not ideal!) We try to chat on the phone at least once a week and she has been joining in (and even initiating) zoom meetings.

She appreciates your continued support. You can make a donation at Go Fund Me by going to their website and searching for “Lindly”.


We’re sure by now you have heard the terrible news that our friend Lindly Haunani was in a horrific auto accident in downtown Washington DC on her way to work. She was just back from ten days of color mixing fun at our studio and was getting back into the swing of things.

A four car pile-up sent her to GW trauma after being cut out of her demolished car. Now she has to mend a long list of broken bones. But Lindly is a fighter and will work hard doing her therapy to get back on her feet. She will need help for quite a while. The polymer community has leapt into action. Cynthia Tinapple and Joey Barnes have started a GoFundMe page that 588 people have already shared and over 250 people have already donated to.

One of LIndly’s Amazing Polymer Quilt Squares

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