Pushing Boundaries with Donna

Creative Journey Studios is proud to present Donna Greenberg for a special 5 day comprehensive workshop entitled “Pushing Boundaries” from March 4th through the 8th.

The class fees of $600 are due now to reserve your spot for this unique class.

This will be a guided design exploration integrating the exciting synergy of polymer, paper, pattern and paint. Donna has created this workshop especially for our students who wish to expand their creative practice by focusing less on copied projects and more on the process. The goal is a transformational process of making one’s own three-dimensional work of art using a combination of materials. The class will encourage quality think and work time in a supportive and productive environment as well as working with new skill sets applicable to larger art works as well as jewelry making.

Donna, with 45 years of professional art and design experience, will provide daily interactive demos and group discussions of successful design composition, and will share unique construction techniques for combining polymer and paper sculptural forms, textured raised acryl gel surface treatments and paint processes like color wash and splatter. Donna will be available for constructive critiques if so desired. We hope that this will provide a jumping off spot to the ‘new you’!

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