Lindly Haunani

Joyous Color: Veneer Sampler

Lindly’s three day color centric polymer workshop is coming to Creative Journey Studios. ….twice! She will be here on Labor Day Weekend (August 30- September 1, 2019, as well as the following weekend, September 6-8th, 2019. That means two chances to increase your color mixing agility! She will help you embrace fluorescents when mixing colors and combining colored patterns. You’ll work toward creating bright, vibrant schemes using custom mixing primaries spiced up with fluorescents. Useful strategies to enhance harmony will be presented as you prepare a set of colors to be coordinating veneers. Experience creating the illusion of glow in your veneers by combing two ombre blend stripe sheets while making patterns. Lindly always brings a gazillion samples to illustrate what she is teaching and she gives you lots of individual attention. New veneer patterns inspired by a summer flower garden, like nestled gladiola petals, a tessellated interlocking cane, a plaid and color blend checkerboards will tempt you to design your own patterns with Lindly guiding you through the process.

Over the three days we will work toward a disappearing nine patch polymer quilt wall hanging. We will learn about scaling things for jewelry design, incorporating veneers into sculptures and exploring designing new patterns. Once again, Lindly’s class will impact your polymer work with increased color confidence.


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