Alice….thru the looking glass!

This post got lost in the shuffle of our move, but I still wanted to put it up. This piece will have a happy home in the revamped collection in Milton.

We are over the moon about a new piece for the collection by our friend, Alice Stroppel. We traded out some of her old work for a nice collection of new work, now for sale in the gallery. In the box with her new work was this exquisite ‘polymer painting’ that we watched on facebook as it developed.

You need to make a trip in, just to admire this extraordinary work. It will blow your mind. Alice has been with us from the very beginning….even pre-Creative Journey! She even scrubbed toilets before we opened our business. Now, that’s a good friend.
We are delighted that her shop in Sebring is spreading the joys of polymer clay. Her classes on cane mapping look amazing and she continues to develop new ideas to share.

We are excited to have Alice coming in July of 2020 to teach for us. In the meantime you can keep up with her amazing work on Facebook. Her cane mapping continues to blow me away and send me to the cane making table!

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