Work in Progress…

If you follow us on Facebook, you have a leg up on the news! We are in the midst of moving to a new location closer to home. Crabapple Market in Milton will be our new roost! Milton is a newly incorporated area of Fulton County, just north of Alpharetta…..which is north of Atlanta. I know it seems like the suburbs of Atlanta encompass half the state of Georgia. That’s just because they do. We will be about the same distance from downtown Atlanta but it may be a little easier to get here. MARTA comes up this corridor from the airport and there is public transportation in this direction.

We had hoped to be settled in time for Bettina Welker’s class in April. We created a makeshift classroom in one of the center’s open spaces….the old Mugs coffee shop. It actually worked out pretty well. The light was good and there was plenty of space to work. Bettina flew from Germany to share a new class on connections using polymer clay. Everyone marveled at her ingenuity and were delighted with what they learned. It really got us thinking of lots of ‘what ifs’.

One of the things we are looking forward to in the new space is a wall of floor to ceiling windows. Ellen and Randy, with the help of Elizabeth Hamilton, our lighting expert, have also sourced light fixtures that will bounce light off the ceiling to eliminate harsh shadows in the work space. We have also found some wonderful chandeliers for the gallery portion of the space.

The retrospective collection, “Polymer From the Beginning”, is expanding from fifteen to eighteen cases. A whole bunch of treasures have been unearthed from Ellen’s office in preparation for the move, so plan on setting aside a good block of time to enjoy the work on display.

In between packing boxes and organizing clay, Ellen has been busy lining up an amazing array of teachers all the way into 2020. We remain dedicated to being a center of your polymer world and serving your needs as best we can.

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