Well, we survived our opening. We were still arranging shelves at ten minutes to 5:00, when the doors were supposed to open. I think it is a family trait to use every last possible second to finish the job.
We had a nice turnout and everyone proclaimed that they were amazed we were ready. We could not have managed without all the helpers….from the packers in Buford (Thanks to Anita Kennerley, Patty Lee, Stacy Nathan, Cyndee Suckling, Lynn Abernethy, Sherry Moser, Stan Fong, “Bunny” Zahn and Ian Nicholas, to the unpackers here in Milton (thanks to Dustin Johnson, Mark Jackson, Jonah, Patrick and Jason Ryan, Cyndee Suckling, Sherry Moser, Lynn Abernethy, Anita Kennerley, Amy Koranek and Lindly Haunani). Lynda Gilcher and her wonderful husband Jon surprised us by driving in for the opening. Lynn Abernethy, not only drove over from Alabama and spent a couple nights to help with the work but she celebrated her birthday so we had an excuse to have a cake from Collets!

Catherine Taylor from Collets sent beautiful flowers and had one of her wonderful helpers, Jessica, come and help with the food. Lindly worked her magic with the food table to set a beautiful spread. Of course, we had pastries from Collets! Ellen’s cousin Mark and his wife sent a beautiful bouquet to help us celebrate! Cyndee, after taking all the orchids home to her house and taking care of them for six weeks, brought us two new beauties. (All the orchids survived…..I don’t know why she was worried!)

Polyform Products sent Amy Koranek to demo some of their new products. She did an amazing job, especially showing how to use the new liquid polymer, which she had nice sample packs of, so you could race right home and continue playing. We really appreciate the support from Polyform.
We were also excited to have a trunk show of Lindly’s work. She had some asparagus necklaces, bracelets and earrings that were just amazing.

We have all been working like fools, but I have to say that we could not have done the move, the set-up or all the construction do-overs without Randy. Ellen’s son (aka the Gallery Gnome) has made all this madness possible. He is the consummate salesman and in his usual manner is learning as much as he can about Creative Journey Studios to help you enjoy your visit and find what you need (even is you didn’t know you needed it!)
Ellen is working her magic in the gallery to make a room full of beautiful displays to showcase all the amazing art we have for sale. She is also getting ready for the first official classes in our new space. She is teaching design techniques for the next two weekends. She is having you dig out all your old treasures that you could never figure out how to use. She’ll help you transform them into a finished piece, even if you have to whip up a few filler pieces under her watchful eye.

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