The Dam Retreat with Lindly

We just had a wonderful almost a week up in Kentucky with the Kentucky/Tennessee Guild at the Rough River Dam State Park ‘Resort’. Every year around Halloween, Dr Ron Lehocky (with help from Amy Nemon and Leslie Blackford) hosts a group of around fifty polymer enthusiasts. Feeling relatively safe with everyone being vaccinated and masked, we were delighted to get together and, as Ron said, do what ever you dam well want to. We had several demos a day and several normal retreat activities, like swaps and LCR games. The center’s restaurant opened for us and I personally ate as much magnificent fried catfish as I could hold.

Lindly Haunani flew into Louisville and drove down with Ron after sampling a couple wonderful restaurants. She is doing remarkably well after her terrible auto accident twenty months ago. She is walking well and she was delighted to be able to work with clay again. I don’t think she missed a beat. She jumped right in, trying a dot making gadget, and before you knew it she had a stack of wonderful veneers destined to become a clay crazy quilt. She drove back home with us to Georgia and continued playing at the studio. If you look on Facebook you can see her first two quilts. As ever, the colors and designs are fantastic! I think a lot of us are hoping this will develop into a class. It looks like a lot of fun and you can see the creative ideas percolating, which is always good!

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