Our Dear Friend, Marie Segal

It’s with a very heavy heart that we write this note to Marie’s family and friends. Ellen and I and all the Creative Journey Studios family are devastated by her passing. Through the years, whether it was at a retreat or Cabin Fever, we spent many an hour enjoying the creative side of Marie. We shared a table at Rough River Dam (the Tennessee/Kentucky retreat), enjoying lots of conversation and silliness. She shared her institutional knowledge of polymer without reserve. She wanted everyone to be as excited as she was about polymer clay. 

Last year out of the blue we got a note from Marie telling us to be on the lookout for a package. She was sending us something for the Retrospective Collection: Polymer from the Beginning, that is housed at CJS. We excitedly opened the box to find her crocheted polymer ‘Bomber Jacket’ that she had made by extruding polymer ‘yarn’ and fashioning it into a wearable garment. It is a marvel!

We placed it in a shadow box and hung it on the wall over the book cabinets, where it now resides, watching over the students as they create. A polymer pioneer, Marie will continue to inspire!

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