A Colorful Adventure with Lindly Haunani: A Veneer Sampler Quilt Block

We are delighted to welcome Lindly Haunani, the undisputed queen of color, back to teach another quilt block inspired workshop at Creative Journey Studios. She has been busy designing new veneers and an upgrade to her signature style ombre stripe blends. In the class Lindly will guide students to create quilt-like wall hangings. 

In the workshop, students will find out how starbursts, doughnuts and fruit loops inspired delicious new veneers, and how color washing and intentional drop shadows can enhance simple dot patterns. They will explore scale and repetition to create dynamic compositions and learn the importance of value contrast in establishing overall cohesion. They will collaborate as a class to expand their veneer possibilities. They will learn how bubbles of controlled value and hue contrast can create the illusion of glow. They will use multiple layers to add interest to repeated geometric patterns and balance multiple patterns using scale, placement and emphasis. Using inverted bullseye canes, they will create the illusion of quilt sashing. Deep verdant darks will unify the backgrounds.

Lindly will show the students how to use grids and grid variations, and how to use different strategies to audition colors. She will have numerous color samples to peruse. Lindly will share her ideas of how and when to “break the rules”, how to use your favorite color as a designing touchstone, and the Zen of mark making.

The class is scheduled for September 9th to the 11th, 2022. There will be an optional 4th day ($50) on the 12th to work in the studio with Lindly there to consult while you complete your quilt block. We will host a second class on September 16 to the 18th, with the extra day on the 19th. The cost of Lindly’s class is $390. It runs from 10 to 5 each day, with a break for lunch. A deposit is due at sign-up, along with proof of vaccination and booster for Covid.

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