“Back in the Saddle Again”

Gene Autry (Wow, is that dating me!) is urging me to get with it and work on our blog. There has been a dearth of posts (for which I apologize–laziness is my only excuse!) There is finally a little news and reason to want to chat with you.

Having had our boosters all around, we are starting to go back into the studio, and even have some regular hours planned on Friday and Saturdays. We’re also happy to schedule a specific time for a visit if you are so inclined.

While we were pandemically challenged and only open sporadically, we were excited to welcome a group of AP art students and teachers from Milton High. Their teacher wanted us to introduce them to polymer art, so Ellen gave them an overview of our retrospective collection and some of the artists in the gallery. She also gave them a brief overview of how to work with the clay and showed them examples of some of the techniques. I think some of them were ready to sign right up for a class! It was a really nice group of respectful kids who already have a deep interest in art. We hope we will see them again and that they will help spread the word to family and friends that we are a great place to get a special present!

One of the things that has been occupying our time is restocking. While we never ran out of Premo (even white!) we are filling up and rearranging the shelves as orders come in. We are fully stocked with Premo and select colors of Souffle. We decided to carry Cernit, including all the new pearl colors. Ellen is busy making color chips so you can see how it bakes, paying close attention to time and temperature. I know this will surprise you, but she’s even made a block or two of mokume!

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